CrescentOne is located at the Brainport Industries Campus in Eindhoven.

    CrescentOne’s GLOVIA G2 ERP platform has proven to deliver outstanding business value. The CrescentOne Academy courses provide the knowledge and skills required to use this to its full advantage. Our tracks are targeted towards application managers and end-users

    Learning through the CrescentOne Academy

    The courses will help:

    • to gain more value from GLOVIA G2 by using features, functions and capabilities in the application
    • with a quick return on investment by compressing what would have been a gradual progression over a long period of time
    • with getting new employees up to speed quickly and efficiently
    • to educate end-users to become experts in their role

    Location BIC Eindhoven

    An inspiring location for the open courses and also where our office is located, Brainport Industries Campus (BIC) is the place where the innovative and competitive force of high tech manufacturing accelerates. Easily reached, near the A2/N2 and Eindhoven Airport. The CrescentOne Office is located in the most prominent place, directly on the left at the main entrance.

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Happy Onboarding

by Admin Coacademy -

Eat your own dogshit. A term that I learned years ago when visiting Microsoft HQ in Redmond.

During the last years at CrescentOne I was invited to support the development of an Academy. With a background in didactics, building courses, running workshops and training sessions I do know what it takes to develop a course. How to effectively teach complex topics and how to measure progress and result.

As always, it takes time to develop that first cours(es) with enough content and a 'this is a good course' feeling. Can it improve? Sure and it will. In my brain, structures start to develop right after that moment. What is the next 'layer'? What is the next logical topic that will add a lot of value to students? This process never stops.

In a earlier post we informed about the tracks in development at the moment. And we do add content every day.

A second main track is called onboarding. Onboarding in an organisation is a poorly managed process in most organisations I know. If you're lucky you are asked to read the ISO handbook, or maybe follow some silly 'how to create a safe password' courses.

Don't get me wrong, organisations need to agree on how to govern these procedures. But really...

In my opinion recruitment doesn't stop after signing the contract. The time to get a new hire up and running has an impact on the department, the organisation as a whole and the return on the investment.

It is perfectly possible to present a set of effective courses, real challenges, that prepares new hires, currious collegues or interns to move from 'noobs' to well skilled starters.

Every instruction on technology is a candidate to add to this onboarding tracks. And that is exactly what I do. Most or those courses do have substantial content, are medium to hard. A lot of the content is curated - existing YouTube instructions, whitepapers or other discussions. The content challenges the students to think, form an opinion, try by them selves.

In these courses, measuring the progress, is not the first concern. But how would it be when we took onboarding by eating our own dog shit, more serious?

I believe that presenting these courses to the mix, will shorten the onboarding, lower impact on the organisation and improve the confidence of new hires. I believe that collegues working for years for the organisation, will be taken over by those new hires, if they do not spend time on those topics. I believe the cost of recruiting will be lower, because we know what we expect from the candidates.

I believe we should add this opportunity to our development programs to develop the organisation.

Fundamentals - Courses become more self-paced

by Admin Coacademy -

From trainer-led blended courses to more self-paced content

The Fundamentals track contains five courses that teach you the basics you need to become successful using an ERP in general and more specific the G2 ERP.

The courses are built as blended training, initially started just before the COVID period. Since then a lot of new courses in the level one tracks were added and are close to become general available.

In the meantime, we optimized the courses in the Fundamentals track. Not only by adding interesting content, but also by preparing the courses to become more self-paced.

The courses still fit the blended approach, but do shift to a more self-supported learning approach. This makes it easier to choose your own moment to learn and practice and to follow the content in your own pace.

What do we want to share with you? - 2

by Admin Coacademy -

We do believe that our tracks and courses will help you to Gain More Value from you investment in the G2 ERP. We want to share with you on these opportunities and hopefuly receive your comments on that back.

On that final remark, do not hesitate to feed us with sharp but honest and well argumented feed-back. Or point us to opportunities. The truth is we can't always fulfill your wishes, because we do have a plan. We do have a roadmap. It helps us however to prioritirse.

During the coming months we launch a campaign. Low profile at the start, trying to understand the reach and the impact. While doing that we do not want to bury you with information, but looking for more interaction. Bear with us.

Back to the roadmap we mentioned. At this moment we have one major 'track' in production. The Fundamentals. In the former months we added several courses and focussed on the content delivery of three tracks.

Sales Manager is a level one track that focusses on that role and builds on the Fundamentals track.

Business Analist encompasses two level two tracks. It combines more technical courses from several tracks and prepares a business analist or a functional consultant for their task.

The second Business Analist track has not yet been developed, but will train in the creation of reports and the use of the BI capabilities of the G2 ERP platform.

The final track that needs to be mentioned is the Level one track, System Administrator. It has an overlap with the Business Analist we mentioned, but will eventually encompasses the more technical security courses for example.

We believe that focussing on these tracks and the courses we assigned to those tracks will propelle the value of our academy. But feel free to drop your suggestions!

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