Topic outline

    • Most of the (blended) courses do have some course materials like a hand-out. A short guidline for the teacher and the students at a minimum.

      The courses are structured with a General module where this kind of content is presented as an introduction to the course.

      Go to the topic Hand-out to download the file
    • CrescentONe Academy

      Welcome to the CrescentOne academy. Most Tracks and Courses are developed with customers, emplyees at these customers and partners in mind. Students will be invited to attend in those tracks.

      Most of these tracks are 'blended' or a mix between online instruction, and instructions from a trainer. But also fit to follow remote or in classes.

    • Self register

    • Self enroll in the INTRO course

    • Introduce yourself

    • Introduce your self

      In this introduction course of the CrescentOne Academy, we want to prepare you to use of the Learning Management platform - or LMS. Maybe you have a lot of experience using these kind of tools. If not do ask your trainer for some exmplaination.


      In this part you are asked to take a brief moment to introduce yourself to your peer students.

      You are completely free to tell a bit about your self, but we can imagine that some of your back ground, a bit about your work and the company you work for is interesting to your peers.

      It would be great if you can explain a bit more about your role and your experience working with business processes in general, or a ERP in particular.


    • Make attempts: 1 Receive a grade
      One of the main goals of this fundamentals track is to get you up to speed working with Glovia G2 as soon as possible. Part of that process is to understand who you are now and what you know at the start of this track. Do not worry, these courses in the fundamentals track do not expect you to be experienced in business processes or working with an ERP. But we want you to show what you can learn in a short period of time. This short intake helps you and will help us to prove the value of time spend.
      Besides that you'll get a bit more familiar with the learning platform we use to guide. Baby steps towards the real work.

      Good Luck!

      16 July 2024

      The CrescentOne Academy team.

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    • The tracks and courses in the CrescentOne Academy are blended, or a mix of classes and instructions and tasks students can finish without the trainer. The Learning Management System is a great tool to accompany the students and support the trainer during this learning experience.

    • Check your progress: make a submission

      During this Introduction course, you have the opportunity to get used to the LMS and how to track your progress. You touched several different activities that we will use in the available tracks of the CrescentOne academy:

      • Pages - We use (web)pages to explain subjects
      • Quiz - Quizes are used to check knowledge, but more important to prove progress:
        • Entry test
        • Progress test
        • Exit test
      • Survey - We want to know the why. Why are you interested in these courses, what do you expect, and how do you value the courses.
      • Assignment - The assignment is used to collect results. Students can up load files.

  • 02 - The CrescentOne Academy

  • 03 - The Learning Management System

    • The Learning Management System (LMS) is a system to create host and deliver content. The LMS supports students as well as teachers in their roll. The created content like the information on the pages or te quizes are organized in tracks and courses.

      The goal is to teach the students about the G2 ERP platform. CrescentOne wants to know how effective these courses are. We promise that the academy adds value. To prove that we measure what students gain in knowledge and skills.

    • View Receive a grade

      In this progress Quiz you can get a bit of an idea what questions we will ask you during the Fundamentals track. Mind you these are only questions about definitions or processes.

  • 04 - The G2 ERP Training Environment

    Glovia G2 training environment

    During the courses in the tracks students will get access to a G2 ERP environment. 

    • Some students will have some or even several years experience working with Glovia G2. Sure these students will have less trouble with navigating through the application. 

      The first track - The Fundamentals - will probably overlap in some of those cases. It is however a fundament that we lay in order to be able to move to the next steps.

    • A first introduction to the G2 ERP training environment

      The following part is a sneak preview to the instructions part of the courses. With these instructions a student will get access to a G2 ERP environment that is prepared for the student.

    • Following good practices

      The knowledge and experience we have, working with the G2 ERP platform, are implemented in our courses. We already mentioned that we follow these good practices in the instruction parts with several assignments to practice them.

      For example in the first part of the Fundamentals (the FUNAxx courses) these good practices are explained with the case we use. In the second part (the FUNBxx courses) you'll use these good practices in a lot of assignments, while learning more about all the processes in the case.

  • 05 - Enroll in the CrescentOne Academy